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Canine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is beneficial for all dogs no matter their age, breed and size. Dogs can develop musculoskeletal issues that can lead to pain, compensatory movement patterns and secondary problems.  Physiotherapy can help resolve or manage these conditions with the use of massage, stretching, electrotherapies and remedial exercises. 

Signs your dog may benefit from physiotherapy:

  • Difficulty rising from laying down

  • Difficulty jumping in and out of the car

  • Stiffness

  • Excessive licking of joints 

  • Weight-shifting 

  • Reluctance to exercise or play

  • Behavioural changes

  • Trouble navigating stairs

  • Poor posture 

  • Toe dragging 

  • Sitting crooked 


Common problems treated by physiotherapy:

memory foam.jpg
  • Ligament, tendon, muscle injuries

  • Scar tissue 

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Pain management 

  • Amputees

  • Obesity 

  • Muscle wastage/asymmetries 

  • Hip/elbow dysplasia

  • Fractures 

  • Wounds

  • Compensations

  • Diagnosed lameness 

  • Osteochronditis 

  • Neurological conditions 

  • Pre- and post-spinal surgery 

  • Ataxia 

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