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Being born into an animal loving family with her first ponies waiting for her, Megan has always had a passion to pursue a career with animals. 


Megan had her first introduction to equine rehabilitation during her time at Writtle University College when completing her BSc (Hons) in Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. Alongside studying, she worked on a yard rehabilitating racehorses with lower limb soft tissue injuries - predominantly superficial digital flexor tendon, deep digital flexor tendon, and suspensory ligament injuries.    

Following graduation, Megan decided to continue on at Writtle University College and complete the post graduate diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy. Whilst studying, she worked at Longholes Pre-training and Rehabilitation centre in Newmarket where she gained a large amount of experience with rehabilitation techniques for a variety of injuries and conditions as well as rehabilitation equipment such as underwater treadmill, coldwater spa's, high speed treadmills and vibration plates. 

In her spare time, Megan enjoys helping on her partners farm, taking care of the animals, especially during lambing and calving. 

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